Matt is assisted by a family of staff who are all loyal and dedicated to the many we are privileged to serve. Leo and Karen Reeves continue to be available to the generations of families whom have called on them over the years. Funeral Directors: Alex Nolan, CPC, CCO and Jim Benuska work with Matt in serving families one on one. Our executive and personal assistant Sheila Allen, serves as a family service coordinator along with our business manager John Fonck, who is also our aftercare specialist. Violette Baskerville is our full time advance funeral planning counselor, and is designated as a Certified Prearrangement Consultant and Certified Funeral Celebrant. Joe Burke, our full time monument and memorial specialist, works with individuals to create unique everlasting memorials. Our funeral assistant W. Scott Kuriger and visitation attendants: Richard "Doc" Christensen, Gregory Reeves, Robin Cirrencione, John Hollmeyer, Debbie Plese, Sandi Dransfeldt, Jan Hibler, Kay Attaway and Dr. Craig Eckert are the individuals whom make certain that you are not only welcomed at the front doors of our funeral homes, but remain available to attend to all the needs of the family and guests during visitations and services. Raymond Baskerville, Ellen Peredetto, Don Jensen and Joe Fonck assist to ensure that our grounds, facilities and vehicles are meticulously maintained. We are truly blessed to have a group of such genuinely caring and supportive individuals. Our work together is what compiles the nationally recognized level of service that our communities have become accustomed.

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