Haan Contracting, Inc. is a Marseilles, IL home office based Roofing Company whose roots extend back to the late 1970's installing cedar roofs and much of the sheet metal that the roofs use, throughout the Chicago suburban areas. Our experience in working with various materials is extensive. We can and do perform most roofing related work very successfully. Our stronger areas of expertise are with 'Architectual Metal Roofing', Cedar and Asphalt Shingle roofs. Our success with the roofing has allowed us to be drawn into maintaining and replacing roof related masonry such as with chimney's and walls. We seem to be in an age when material failures are common place and workmanship that often employs many shortcuts. While there are differences between various manufacturer products that include 'appearance and construction details', we at Haan Contracting believe the most important factor in achieving long term success is mainly with 'workmanship'. Sound 'workmanship' practice is the area that Haan concentrates in. Our character and core values are firmly based in being fair and honest with all whom we come in contact.