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    May 23, 2018
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During this Memorial Day season, the Community Foundation of Grundy County would like to thank the donors who have made contributions to our organization in memory of a loved one. We hope you all will join us in honoring those who have passed before us and made our lives so rich In memory of... Hugo Avalos Donald E. Jennings Ken Sereno Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gibbs Mrs. Juanita Jennings Mrs. Virginia Bellamiy Thomas Bennington Janice Metros Johnston Lorraine M. Smith Mrs. Mary Lou Bennington Dr. &Mrs. Ben Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Alford Ms. Norma Gagnon Ms. Lynda Guinnee Mr. & Mrs. Charles Heagle Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Janssen William & Rita Boma John Kellogg Mr. John Boma Mrs. Virginia Bellammy Bill Cheshareck Sandra Leone Ms. Beth Hobby Mr. & Mrs. Donald Leonard, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Smith Mrs. Ruth Cheshareck Mary June Enger Richard Dick" Malone Mark Smith Ms. Lucy Enger Mrs. Juanita Malone Ms. Michelle Papp Mr. & Mrs. Richard VanAsdlen Martha J. Evans Jeff McGuan Mr. Tom Tesdal Mrs. Mary Lou BenningtonDick Steele Mr. & Mrs. Dan Dransfeldt Mr. & Mrs. Lennie Fannin John Mohan Mr. & Mrs. Steven Fannin Dr. & Mrs. Ben Johnston Walter & Victoria Struck Dr. Ann Marie Struck & Jim Feeney Dan & Marlene Greggain Peter Hoaglund Charles "Pete" Muffler Grundy County Corn FestivalMr Paul Jung Barb Tesdal Mr. & Mrs. Jim Feeney Mr. Daniel Greggain Mr. &Mrs. David BenningtonMr. & Mrs. Steven Fannin Jackman Allison Rivera Mrs. Connie Rivera Mr. Robert Tesdal . & Mrs. R.W. Trotter Mr. & Mrs. Louis Naretto Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sabatini Mr Melvin & Madeline Richard"Dick" Schweickert James Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Matteson Mrs. Judy Schweickent Mr. & Mrs. Keith Vilt Mrs. Virginia Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Keith Vilt Grundy County Stb A 520 W. IIlinois Ave, Mris, IL 60450 815-941-0852 http:lle